Flex: Photography, Logo Design, Social Content, Branding.

Flex is a personal training and yoga teaching endeavor primarily based on an Instagram platform. The name was chosen to represent the duality of strength, as well as mobility/flexibility. The logo represents the alignment and form that are so important in physical fitness. The photography and branding elements convey a level of  authority and confidence with bold lines and dark colors. 

Rubber Duck Funding: 

Logo design and branded elements for Rubber Duck Funding, a factoring company for truck drivers. The duck foot used in the badge logo communicates trust by mimicking the shape of a shield, while also playing into the fun energy of the name of the company itself. The colors are bright, friendly, and welcoming, while also communicating a level of professionalism. 

Saving Hope Animal Rescue: 

Logo redesign and brand identity package for Saving Hope Animal Rescue in Fort Worth, TX. The iconic Saving Hope blue was maintained, but the typeface and icon illustrations were refined to create a more modern and evergreen look. The brochure and stationery design is fun and playful, and highlights the inspiring work of Saving Hope. 

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